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How many "snow" days have you had so far this year?

How many do you get before you have to make them up in June?

How many "snow" days have you had so far this year?
only 1 this year before today. Now we've a winter storm with snow and ice. One of those dangerous ones for here (So. Illinois). Snow with a slow freezing rain. It's truly a wonder filled world outside. There are trees dressed in transparent coats of ice, popping and groaning. The power's been knocked off twice already. Traffic has slowed to practilly non-existant.
Reply:It has been years since we had a snow day.
Reply:I like in the south so there is no snow days. =( We get ice sometimes but rarely get snow.
Reply:well they let us out of work early one day but we don't have to make it up and they paid us for it.
Reply:Zero. We don't get snow days at work.
Reply:Zero =(

I hope we have one today though! It's snowing a bit, and I heard it's going to be sleet soon, then rain.
Reply:I think just one since a lot of our snow fell over Christmas vacation and they (husband and kids) were already out of school anyway. I think there are enough "built-in" snow days that they still get out of school at the normal time. BTW, I've had two days I've gotten to go home early from work due to the electricity being out.
Reply:Zero, Zip, Zilch, Nought, None etc etc
Reply:Today is our first!!! We should get off June 4th. Today is taken off our Easter break :( But everyone (especaly the grade I'm in) works REALLY hard. We have to make up EVERY SINGLE DAY WE MISS :( Oh well. This was a fun question.
Reply:it has been snowing since the beginning of 2008.
Reply:We've had one. It was the first one here in Grand Junction, Colorado in 25 years. We didn't really have that much snow, but, hey, I'm not complaining.
Reply:None, I live in Florida.
Reply:no idea cause not go in state
Reply:none i live in australia ,summer here! too bloody hot .
Reply:ummmm like only 1. and then 2 delays.

i live in connecticut

my rodents

What's a good exotic location for me to stop in??

If I'm travelling return Montreal, Canada to Perth Australia.

What location would a plane/airline automatically stop over in - so it doesn't add much $$$ onto my plane ticket - I would like to keep it less than $3,500 return! I'm traveling in June.

I like:






What's a good exotic location for me to stop in??
If you fly Singapore Airlines, you get a free stop in Singapore- it's a wonderful, very exotic place. Air New Zealand will give you a stop in Auckland, which is also great. Thai Airways and Japan Airlines (but I'm not sure of their destinations in Australia or if they even fly from Monteal) have connections in Thailand and Japan, respectively. All very exotic and fun places- enjoy :)
Reply:If you fly Air New Zealand, you get a free stop in Auckland, if you fly Singapore airlines (pacific portion), you get free stop in SIN. Going to Perth, you can either connect in southeast asia, or enter Aussie at Sydney then on to Perth. You want exotic? Bali and Fiji are nice but you don't get those trips as free stop-overs.
Reply:Fly from YUL to Vancouver by Air Canada and then from there to Perth by Qantas. Vancouver be quite a fun, I believe. Lots of shopping, sun, sand %26amp; sea activities and that all within yr budget. Try it.

How cold does it get in melbourne, australia in june, july, august?

also, how much snow?

How cold does it get in melbourne, australia in june, july, august?
There's no snow in Melbourne itself in winter. You can drive a couple of hours away to the mountains - falls creek, etc, if you want to see snow. It gets a bit fresh in the mornings, overnight lows of maybe 4C. If the sun comes out, it's usually pleasant - 20C... It hasn'r rained much over the last 10 or so winters. It can get hotter, not much colder though. I think the coldest high during the day would be about 15C.

Anyways, I hope that helps!

Have a look here, you may find a bit more detail.
Reply:f you look at a good map you will see a line that runs across just above the centre of Australia from Rockhampton to western Australias pilbarra region. This is the line of the Tropic of Capricorn and all areas in Australia above that line are in The tropics. The tropics only has 2 seasons wet and dry the dry season is between April and September so June July and August are absolutly perfect for being anywhere up North. Brisbane and the Gold Coast are semi tropical . It can get cold at night but usually nice sunny days around that time of year. Perth can get cold in winter but not freezing Sydney melbourne and Canberra can get bitterly cold. Not so much Sydney . June july and August are so perfect for Cairns The great barrier reef The WhitSundays Darwin Broome and all those wonderful places up North.
Reply:Chilly, but if you're from outside of Australia you won't think it's so bad. Australians have a low tolerence for true cold!

North American winters that stay below zero and have several feet of snow are unheard of in Australia.

In Melbourne, expect daily highs around 12-16degrees celsius and lows around 4-8degrees celsius. Of course this is an average. On certain days it can get a lot colder or warmer than these averages. Also 4 seasons in one day is common.
Reply:I went and lived there for 3 years back in the early 1980's and I can tell you it's cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey at that time of year.

The weather reports over there include a "wind chill factor" which is unheard of elsewhere in Australia.

This "wind chill factor" actually means that it is colder than it is.

I found ice on my car during those months and ice on the road too. It's scary stuff, but doesn't happen all winter thankfully.
Reply:For one... it doesn't snow in any of the mainland capital cities. Snow (in Australia), stays up in the mountains... where it belongs. So we don't get any snow in Melbourne. If you want to see snow in an Australian capital city... try Hobart. Otherwise, it snows in Canberra some times. Which is hard to believe given all the hot air there! LOL

As for cold... on the odd occasion, it can get down to -4*C overnight. And I mean "odd occasion"... like every seven or eight years or so.

More often than not though, the daytime low is in the single digits -- 4*C to 9*C. With the daytime high usually in the low- to mid-teens.
Reply:well i live near the beach(Franskton)..In winter June-September we can have temps of in between 3-15 max...

My niece lives in yarra Junction they have Mt Donna Buang right at their door-step..It is roughly 1 1/2 hours drive from Melbourne..

The best places for snow in Victoria are Mt Buller and Mt Baw Baw(Mt baw Baw is near Warrigal) 2 hrs from Melbourne...Really there are plenty of places in Victoria that get snow...;q=...

A link for the Ski Slopes of Victoria
Reply:Usually down to 3 or 4 Celsius, about 36 - 42 F. at night, up to 12C to 20 C during the day. No snow in M. (usually) but after the beginning of June may start falling in the ranges about 100k away. Some good skiing about 200 ks away.
Reply:Here is a Link to the Bureau of Meteorology

And the averages for a whole year in Melbourne.

Snow in my atic?

I purchased a new home in june 2005 . Yesterday I noticed water leaking from my kitchen cealing. I live in a 2 story cape code so I looked in my atic space above my kitchen on top of my blown in insulation there was a small pile of snow melting causing the leak what's the deal please help

Snow in my atic?
I love these questions. People ask me why I live in New Orleans!!!!! Your problem is geographical in nature. MOVE SOUTH Come on even the birds know. HAPPY MARDI GRAS Gotta go buy some fresh shrimp, and crabs, oh yea don't forget the crawfish!!!!Lais les bon temps roulle!!!!!!!!
Reply:You need to be a little better detective. Where is the snow? It is under a vent? If it is, check the vent to make sure that the vent is not broken. The vent should have slats that angle down. Did they install it upside down? If the snow is towards the outside edge it may have blown up under the eaves and through a vent there. Check the outside of the house, under the eave. Is there a vent there? Is it broken or loose? Or, is there a window in the attic space? Is it broken or ill fitting? Once you determine where the snow is located...then you can detect where is might have come in? If you had a very strong wind storm along with snow, it could have blown in a vent that is not in need of repair. Sometimes the wind simply blows hard enough to foil the vent.
Reply:You obviously have a whole in your roof somewhere. To the guy above talking about moving south...I see your point, but I will take a bit of snow over giant city-destroying hurricanes.
Reply:YOu could have a hole in the roof.
Reply:Hole. Opening in the roof or siding. Have an air vent in the siding? Loose shingles? Loose mortar along chimney base?

You will have to go up on the top of the roof and look around. Even with a strong blowing wind you should not have an entry for snow. A professional roofer might be able to pinpoint situation if you cannot locate opening.
Reply:My answer is the same as you asked this question before.
Reply:block up the holes where the snow is coming in.

What varieties of Apple trees would be best for a small orchard in my area?

I live in north eastern Montana about 50 miles south of the canadian border. Temperatures during the year go from 100 degrees in the summer to 40 degrees below zero in the winter. I have a couple of Praire Spy trees that seem to be doing alright but I want to have the biggest apples possible in the shortest growing period. It has been known to freeze here up to May 20th and it has snowed on the first of June some years.

What varieties of Apple trees would be best for a small orchard in my area?
'King' apples are big fruit and tough trees. Good keepers too.

Is the 'Prairie Spy' the same as a 'Northern Spy'? If not the 'Northern Spy' is a lovely apple...I'm not sure on it's cold tolerance.

According to my Sunset Western Gardener here are a few potential choices:

'Beverly Hills' , 'Honeycrisp' , recommended for Minnesotta,

'Norland', a Canadian special, 'Summerred', and 'Wealthy'.

Mmmm I love apples!!!
Reply:contact the experimental and research farm in Morden, Manitoba. they have been developing flowers, fruits and vegetables there for many decades that are specially meant for our harsh canadian climates.
Reply:I would contact the local extension agency. They will be able to tell you what will thrive in your area. Another good place would be a large local nursery or even a local orchard if there is one. It sounds like your growing span is short, so good luck with your hunt for a good variety of apple.

We are planting apple trees in 2007, and our climate is great for lots of varieties, and we have chosen mutsu and jonagold.

poison ivy

Nevada got snow again today. (Northern Nevada) Anyone else sharing my misery?

For all those in Vegas up north we get snow. Sometimes into May and June.

Nevada got snow again today. (Northern Nevada) Anyone else sharing my misery?
Well I'm in Minnesota.. and yesterday it was 80 degrees, today it thunderstormed and poured alll day, and tomorrow we're supposed to get 2-4 inches of snow... pretty messed up!

Reply:you know what if i could move ther ei would I love snow and i am in miserable texas with 80 degrees or higher and high humidity and its miserable here we've had to have air on for long time now. well i am moving to michigan hopefully this year and i hope there is snow early up there they had good year with lots of snow this time and i am moving where the snow belt is (north western mich) take care have fun
Reply:OK so we've been having crappy weather too lately and my friend has this theory he heard on tv. here goes. so this big ice chunk dropped of of the north pole and is floating south, so every time a gust of air comes this way it's going to bring tons of freezing cold air with it until the thing melts. this should last till about june. I hope that didn't ruin your day like it did mine when I heard it but don't put away the winter clothes yet jut in case they're right! good luck!
Reply:hon, i live in illinois and we had snow on the ground from october till early april. you haven't seen snow. ;) but i've never known that it snows in nevada. i learned something knew. lol
Reply:I SOOOOOO feel your pain!!! I live in Oregon about 2 hours south of Portland...last weekend we had snow, sleet, hail, rain AND sunshine.......this past week has been all overcast and yucky rain!!! I want the sunshine to be here for good SOOOOO BADLY!!!! It rains so much here that I'm all pruney!!!
Reply:No, I live by the beach in southern California and the weather was perfecto today.

But, if you make a snowman we want to see the picture!
Reply:Hi not in vegas but northern canada we just finished a three day blizzard!!!We were snowed in it sucked I hear you're misery!
Reply:Sorry, no. Upstate New York, the past two weeks, weather has been unseasonably sunny and warm, averageing 75 degrees.
Reply:Nope, 80 degrees here in Indiana.
Reply:Yup sorry we've had some nice weather lately here in southeast las vegas
Reply:I live in the center of Canada. You get no sympathy from me. We still have snow as well but that isn't anything unusual.
Reply:yeah. sad. in other states, its really nice.
Reply:Nope,it was up in the 70's here today.
Reply:Oh dessert crawlers can handle that crap.
Reply:Its 101 in Iraq today, I'd love to be back in the snow
Reply:SNOW!!! I like snow.
Reply:Sorry, 83 degrees and sunny where I live :)
Reply:no, its like 80 right now, and I hate it. I would trade with you if I could.
Reply:i live in san diego and its going to be in the 90s tomorrow
Reply:not me..MD was sunny and 80 degrees
Reply:70s and sunny. you should move
Reply:I consider you lucky...i live in south louisiana and all we get is hot humid weather or rain...

How is the climate at Himanchal pradesh now in June?

can v expect to see snow at this time

How is the climate at Himanchal pradesh now in June?
hot climate
Reply:Himachal is situated in the western Himalayas. Covering an area of 55,780 kilometres (34,660 mi),[1] Himachal Pradesh is a mountainous state with elevation ranging from about 350 metres (1,148 ft) to 6,000 metres (19,685 ft) above the sea level.[10]

River Beas near Manali.The drainage system of Himachal is composed both of rivers and glaciers. Himalayan rivers criss-cross the entire mountain chain. In fact the rivers are older than the mountain system. [11] Himachal Pradesh provides water to both the Indus and Ganges basins.[12] The drainage systems of the region are the Chandra Bhaga or the Chenab, the Ravi, the Beas, the Sutlej and the Yamuna. These rivers are perennial and are fed by snow and rainfall. They are protected by an extensive cover of natural vegetation. [12]

There is great variation in the climatic conditions of Himachal due to extreme variation in elevation. The climate varies from hot and sub-humid tropical in the southern tracts to cold, alpine and glacial in the northern and eastern mountain ranges with more elevation.[13] The state has areas like Dharamsala that receive very heavy rainfall, as well as those like Lahaul and Spiti that are cold and almost rainless. Broadly Himachal experience three seasons; hot weather season, cold weather season and rainy season. Summer lasts from mid April till the end of June and most parts become very hot (except in alpine zone which experience mild summer) with the average temperature ranging from 28 °C (82 °F) to 32 °C (90 °F).[14] Winter lasts from late November till mid March. Snowfall is common in alpine tracts (generally above 2,200 metres (7,218 ft) i.e. in the Higher and Trans-Himalayan region).[
Reply:You must be joking snow at this time of the year. it should b e pleasant the upper reaches of HP

The state, with many a snow-bound Himalayan peak, has some of the most spectacular landscapes in the country. It also has some very popular holiday resorts which are easily accessible.

Apart from sight-seeing, it offers immense scope for trekking, skiing and rafting. Shivalik, Dhauladhar and Pir Panjal are the major mountain ranges in the state. Tibba, Indrasan, Kullu Pumori, Leo Pargial, Menthosa, Mulkila, Papsura, White Sail are some of the peaks which rise above 6000 mts. And there are mighty rivers like Beas, Ravi, Sutlej and Chandra in which white water rafting is a a rage with youngsters.

There are awesome glaciers and enchanting lakes, snow-capped peaks and lush-green valleys. Clean and peaceful, Himachal has good roads and communication facilities.

Nahan, Renuka, Paonta Sahib segment

There are in the segment several historically and mythologically important places. The Shivalik mountains here are indescribably picturesque. The Jagannath temple, Bala Sundari temple and Shivalik Forest Park are important places of tourist interest in Nahan. Parashuram Tal, in Renuka, is profiled like a sleeping lady. There is a wildlife sanctuary around the lake which has boating facility. Paonta Sahib, a gurudwara dedicated to the tenth Sikh guru Govind Singh, is situated on the bank of the Yamuna.

HOW TO REACH: The nearest airports are at Chandigarh, Dehra Dun and Shimla. Ambala rail station is 100 km from Nahan. Dehra Dun station is 65 km from Paonta. Both the stations connect Delhi. Delhi to Renuka by road is 350 km.

Shimla (Simla) Segment

At 2130 mts, Shimla was the summer Capital of the British India. On account of its climate and accessibility, it is one of the most popular hill resorts in the country. The Mall, with its colonial architecture and shops, Lower bazaar, the Ridge, Lakkar bazaar, Tibetan bazaar, the former Viceregal Lodge now housing the Indian Institute of Advanced Studies, Prospect Hill, the famous Glen, Chadwick Falls, Summer Hill, Jakhoo hill are some of the spots of tourist interest in Shimla. Christ Church and St Michael's cathedral are two important landmarks. Kamna Devi on Prospect hill, Jakhoo temple, Tara Devi and the famous Kali Bari draw a lot of Hindu pilgrims.

Chall, 43 km from Shimla, has the world's highest cricket pitch and polo ground. Kasauli, 77 km from Shimla and 35 km from Kalka, situated at an altitude of 1927 mts, has quaint ambience of a colonial past. Hatkoti is 104 from Shimla. It has some ancient temples. This is the place where the gods are said to gave fought among themselves. Narkanda is 64 km from Shimla (2700 mts). It has slopes for skiing for both beginners as well as regulars.

CLIMATE: Max temp in summer is 30 deg C, min in winter minus 4 deg C.

CLOTHING: Heavy woollen in winter. Shopping: Carpets, shawls and leather goods are main items of tourist attraction. Shimla is also famous for jewellery since ancient times.

Beas Valley Segment




Rohtang Pass


A district headquarters, Mandi (800) is a commercial centre on the banks of the Beas. With its old stone temples, it is called the Varanasi of the Hills. There are remains of old palaces and colonial architecture. Mandi is the gateway to Kullu valley. The nearest airport is Bhuntar, 59 km. Rail connects it to Pathankot, Joginder Nagar and Shimla. Chandigarh to Mandi via Ropar and Bilaspur is 203 km by road. Mandi to Pathankot is 210 km. During winter temp falls below zero. In summer it is rather hot. Mandi has a host of old temples. The most famous is Bhootnath temple. Located on a mountain, Rewalsar is very picturesque. The place is sacred for Hindus, Buddhists and Sikhs. It was the seat of Padmasambhava, the Tibetans' guru Rimpoche. Kullu valley is the base for several trekking routes such as Chanderkhani pass to Malana, Jalori pass/Bashleo pass to Shimla and Piati pass to Sarahan. Kullu presents an intertwining set of enchanting valleys.

Places around Kullu: A nearby place of tourist interest is the Bijli Mahadev temple, 14 km away. The shivlinga here is frequently damaged by lightning which is conducted down by a long pole nearby. Every time the linga is put together with butter. The Basheshwar Mahadev temple in Bajaura, 15 km, is famous for its stone-carvings. Manikaran, 45 km, has hot sulphur springs, at 1737 mts. It is close to the Parvati river, sacred for Hindus and Sikhs. Trekking starts here for Pulga, Khirganga and Mantalai. The route goes up to Pin Parvati pass, at 4802 mts and enters Sutlej valley. Naggar is 23 km from Kullu. A gallery here contains the paintings of the famous Russian artist Nicholas Roerich.

The Dhauladhar Segment


Chamundi-Palampur-Joginder Nagar-Delhi)

It was at Jwalamukhi that, as the legend says, Adishakti, known as Sati or Parvati, was born out of flames when the trinity prayed to the superpower for help. She grew up in the house of Prajapathi Daksha and later became the consort of Lord Shiva. Pandavas built the first temple here. Ashtabhuja temple, one km away, is an ancient place of worship. Chaumukha, 22 km, is a Shiva temple with a four-faced image.

Panj Teerth and Mahakaleshwar, 9 km, are two sacred places situated on the banks of the Beas. Palampur (1249 mts) is a major station in Kangra valley. The region has several tea gardens. Kangra tea is world famous. The famous Kangra fort is 27 km away. Palampur is 545 km from Delhi. Baijnath, 15 km away from Palamur, has a temple where Shiva is worshipped as Vaidyanath, the lord of physicians. It is a famous pilgrim centre. Ravana is said to have worshipped Shiva for immortality here. Palampur has some good trekking routes.

The nearest airports are Gaggi in Kangra and Bhuntar near Kullu.

Joginder Nagar offers facilities for trekking and fishing. Macchiyal is a sacred lake dedicated to Machendru Devta. The Bassi power house area is a good picnic spot. There is a trout breeding centre at the reservoir of the power project. Across Uhl is Nargu wildlife sanctuary. Trekking, hang-gliding and para-gliding facilities are available in Barot which is also the best place for angling in Himachal Pradesh

A Tourist Guide

Seasons: Winter Dec to Mar temp minus 5 deg C to 25 deg C in valleys, minus 5 deg C to 15 deg C in hills; Summer Apr-Jun 15 deg C to 35 deg C in valleys, 10 deg C to 20 deg C in hills; Monsoon: Jul 15 to Sep temp 15 deg C to 30 deg C in valleys, 10 deg C to 25 deg C on hills; Autumn: Sep-Nov temp 10 deg C to 30 deg C in valleys, 5 deg C to 25 deg C on hills.

Trekking Routes: Rohru-Chanshal-Dodrakwar-Rupin-Sangla; Sangla-Badrinath; Jalori pass; Chandrakhani pass; Kullu-Manali-Chandratal-Manali-Parvati valley-Dharamsala-Triund-Chaamba-Bharmou... pass; Bharmour-Baijnath; Bharmour-Lahaul; Chandratal; Barashigri glacier;

Kinnaur-Kailash-Bhaba-Pin valley.

Skiing (Jan-Mar): Solang Nalla (Manali), Narkanda and Rohtang pass

Ice Skating (Jan-Mar): Shimla

Heli Skiing (Jan-Mar): Manali

River Rafting: Rivers: Sutlej, Beas and Chenab; Locations: Shamshi (Kullu), Tattapani, Rampur and Jispa (Lahaul)

Para Gliding and Hang Gliding: Bir, Manali, Bilaspur and Rohru

Lake Sports: Gobindsagar (Bilaspur), Pongdam (Kangra)

Fishing: Rohru, Sangla, Saini, Katrain, Barot (trout)

Wildlife: Great Himalayan national park, Parvati valley, Kullu, Pin valley

national park, Spiti, Renuka sanctuary, Pongdam sanctuary, Sarahan, Kufri,

Gopalpur zoo

Rivers: Beas, Sutlej, Ravi, Chenab, Yamuna, Pabbar, Giri, Parvati, Baspa

Lakes: Prashar, Khajjiar, Renuka, Giobundsagar, Dal, Pongdam, Pandoh,

Manimahesh, Brighu, Chandratal.

Temples: Jwalamukhi, Chamunda, Brajeshwari, Chintpurni, Baijnath,

Laxminarayan, Chaurasi, Chhatrari Taranadevi, Rewalsar, Raghunath,

Bijlimahadev, Dhungri, Bhimakali, Hatkoti, Jakhoo, Sankatmochan, Kalibari,

Nainadevi, Baba Balak Nath, Deothsidh.

Monasteries: Dharamsala, Key, Dhankar, Tabo, Nako, Pooh, Kanam, Jangi, Murang, Ribba, Reckongpeo

Sikh pilgrim centres: Paonta Sahib, Rewalsar, Manikaran

Churches: Christ church at Kasauli, Christ Church at Shimla, St Johns'

Church at Mecleodgang, St Francis at Dalhousie

Fairs: Winter carnival, Manali - Feb; Mandi Shivratri, Ladarcha fair, Spiti - Jul; Minjar fair, Chamba, Manimahesh fair, Bharmour; Tribal festival, Keylong -Aug; Phulech festival of flowers, Kinnaur - Sep;

Kullu Dussehra - Oct; Lavi fair, Rampur - Nov;

Renuka fair - Nov; Ice Skating carnival - Dec

Heritage monuments: Kangra fort, Taragarh, Rampur, Nalagah, Arki and Jubbal palaces, Bhimakali temple, Naggar castle, Kamru fort, Gondla fort, Lahaul, Viceregal lodge, Christ Church, Chapslee, Woodvilla palace, Chail palace

Museums: State museum at Shimla, Kangra art gallery, Dharamsala, Bhurisingh museum, Chamba, Roerich art gallery, Naggar, Sobha Singh art gallery, Andretta, near Palampur.